WorldCraft Premium: Mine & Craft v3.8.1 (Mod – real money)

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Update: 29/10/2021
WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft

WorldCraft: 3D Block Craft APK Review

WorldCraft Premium: Mine & Craft Mod APK Game
Worldcraft is the best block craft exploration sandbox with creative and survival games, where you can mine, craft, build your own mini world maps alone or with friends.

– NO Ads
– 3 opening skins available in every premium skin packs. Total of 50 skins available for FREE
– 250 initial free coins to spend in Survival or Creative Online Multiplayer
– No advanced APK permissions required for the installation

Exciting Features:
– Fun crafting and building:
Its easy to build block, houses, city, your own mini world earth and upload it to online multiplayer
– Best online multiplayer games: Start playing now with girls, boys, friends
– Tons of block craft recipes: Everything for survival crafting and building needs
– Survival single player: Mine, craft blocks, farm seeds, satisfy your hunger by killing mobs, fight monsters to survive
– Equip a weapon: Get your diamond sword, armor. Explode TNT, shoot using bow with arrows
– Tame pets: Do you love pets? Tame cats, dogs. It’s so cool!
– Creative online multiplayer: Chat and build block world mini maps
– Earth exploration: Amazing sandbox block maps built by real players are waiting for your exploration
– Cool 3d cube graphics designed with different texture packs
– Are you a boy or a girl?
Choose your skin from 9+ skin packs
– Play online, play offline without need of wi-fi

Game Highlights:
Fun survival and creative modes

Choose between survival, creative single player modes without need of wifi, creative multiplayer online mode

Build block world maps
Houses, city, village, mine earth: start with easy building to show what you can do.

Infinite exploration
Explore beautiful 3d cube creations built by real players online.

Online game community
Meet new good friends from all around the world while playing this 3d sandbox.

Create unforgettable moments with friends
With easy chatting and construction with girls, boys, kids, friends, new people around the world.

Unlimited exploration joy
Play survival game. Mine, craft, fight, get food, build houses to survive.

Tame pets
Keep exploring, construction the infinite server, find animals. Tame pets, breed other animals.

Huge list of new features
Enjoy new features with often game updates. Please write your suggestions to the game through reviews.


Worldcraft is the best sandbox online multiplayer block survival crafting and building games. Start building your awesome mini block maps now!

Worldcraft is not an official Mojang application. This game is not associated or connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Its a trademark of Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Worldcraft game’s creator or its licensors.

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New version! Update the game and tell your friends to start playing together now!

- Fixed problem when you get error during the first shop visit in the game
- Improved rewarded videos logic
- Added support for external memory card installation
- Multiplayer network and 3D FPS performance improvements


MOD info

All costumes and real money features

265.0 total
5 113.0
4 23.0
3 23.0
2 13.0
1 90.0

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