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Update: 06/06/2022
The Road Driver - Truck and Bus Simulator

The Road Driver - Truck and Bus Simulator APK Review

The Road Driver Mod APK Game is a bus-driving game where you drive various buses on routes taking passengers from one location to another. The game begins when you get on the bus and take your seat behind the wheel.

Game Features : 

  • There are more than 30 vehicles!
    – Trucks, trailers (including semi-trailers), and buses, all reproduced in a realistic way.
    – More vehicles will be added over time.
  • A complete workshop!
    – Modify your vehicles the way you want, paint, wheels, headlights, suspension height, and other accessories!
    – Create your custom skin and apply it to your vehicle!
  • Extra features!
    – Photo mode.
    – Automatic and manual gear options.
    – Walk around using your own character with customizable clothes and looks.
    – Real and dynamic weather (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Foggy, Day and Night).
    Among other features!
  • Realistic graphics and adjustment options!

    Unique contract system!
    – Wide range of loads.
    – Weight and volume system, which influence freight rates and number of trips.
    – Have access to the map at any time, manage your routes and loads.

The first step to completing each level in The Road Driver is selecting the bus company you want to work with. Go to the correct bus based on the company you chose, and get ready to drive the bus route from start to finish as efficiently as possible by following your navigation tool. This GPS tool will also point out areas of interest like gas stations and rest stops. In the top right corner, you can also check the time.

Driving your bus isn’t too difficult. All you have to do is tap on the buttons that appear on the screen. By tapping on the acceleration and brake pedals, you can change your speed, and you can change your direction by turning the steering wheel. You can also tap the buttons up front to open the doors or activate your blinkers.

With The Road Driver Mod APK , you’ll have a great time while you drive each of these buses. It’s a pretty realistic game where you experience everything from getting on the bus to driving each route from start to finish.

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Version 1.4.2

New truck model.
Bugs Fixed.

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