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Update: 13/12/2022
The Flags of the World Quiz

The Flags of the World Quiz APK Review

The Flags of the World is a unique country flags quiz which takes the world flags to the …next level. Flag coloring has now become a game! This time you have to paint flags and not just guess them. In addition to the color flags game mode you can find numerous flag game modes for experts or beginners at learning the flags of the world. From the classic, guess the flag or guess the capital quiz, to new challenging and unique flag quizzes which you can find nowhere else.

All country flags are available as well as most nations’ flags. From the most famous like the USA or China flag to the rarest like Vanuatu and Saint Pierre and Miquelon flags. In addition you can learn the continent flags, United Nations flags, European Union flags and many more via the available Flag Collection.

The beautiful design combined with the variety of available flag quiz game modes and game features make this quiz the best choice concerning flags and makes learning of the world a fun process. We are sure you will enjoy every second of this flag matching quest while testing your flag knowledge!


The Flags of the World is a quiz that suits everyone. If you are a country flags expert, you will certainly find it more challenging than you would ever expect a geography flag quiz to be. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner at learning the flags of the world, this quiz will be a very useful tool for you. Many interesting, fun and educative flag quiz game modes will make you an expert in no time!


We took guess-the-flag challenges to a new level by introducing flag coloring challenges. The main purpose is to color all the flags of the world. You can use the difficulty levels and the available free hint system to color even the most difficult flags of the world. It’s time to learn flags while playing one of the most fun and unique flag games.


The Flags of the World is a complete flag game where you can find the classic world flags quiz and capitals quiz among many other easy or challenging flag quiz game modes. There are numerous unique game modes for experts and beginners at learning the flags of the world which you can find nowhere else.


In this world flags quiz you will also find a Statistics section. While flag coloring or playing the various flag quiz game modes, the game automatically calculates your statistics and makes it easy to find where you are good enough or where you need more practice.


This national flag quiz will help you learn more than just the country flags. The available flags collection gives you instant access to the information of the country or region the flag represents. For every flag there is a quick information section with the capital, population, area, etc., of the country or nation and a link to the country’s or nation’s wikipedia page.

In detail, our world flags collection provides:
– Quick Information section (capital, population, area, etc.) for every flag
– Wikipedia link for every country/nation
– Flags divided into continents (Europe flags, Africa flags, Asia flags, etc.)
– Flags divided into international organizations (United Nations flags, European Union flags, etc.)
– List view to easily access the flags
– Sorting options (e.g. flags in alphabetical order)
– Search for a flag option

Furthermore there are many Achievements available to complete and Leaderboard to compare your score with your friends. Yes, only one can be the champion and know all the flags of the world!

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- New languages (Slovak - Czech)
- Database updates
- Bug fixes

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