Telegraph (Graph Messenger) T8.4.2-P9.6(Mod)

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Update: 03/06/2022
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Graph Messenger APK Review

Telegraph – Graph Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram’s API and adds new features like a real multi-account system, download manager, and timeline.

It has all Telegram benefits and new fantastic features.

Graph Messenger Telegraph Messenger Features:

  • Download Manager, manage and schedule your downloads with a multi-queue download manager.
  • Support any type of theme, telegram theme, or Plus theme, or Mobogram theme.
  • Voice changer, change your voice when sending voice messages.
  • Hidden section, hide your chats and contacts and set password or pattern lock for them.
  • Lock chats, lock your chats and set a password or pattern lock for them.
  • Send Drawing, draw anything you like, and send a message.
  • TimeLine, show all channel messages on one page.
  • Favorite Messages, add messages to favorite messages and show them on a separate page.
  • Auto answer machine, send auto message to contact when you can’t answer.
  • Short Messages, When the message is long it shows it as short.
  • Separate channels, groups, users,… in the chats list.
  • Favorite chats, add chats to favorite chats, and show them in a separate list.
  • Categorize chats list, create categories, and add chats to them.
  • File manager, show all chat media in one page.
  • Contact changes can show contact changes like change name, avatar and phone in one page.
  • Special contact, notify you when your special contact is online.
  • Can edit and customize main menu.
  • Can change screen light and color filter.
  • Telegraph settings, you can customize your telegraph app in telegraph settings.
  • Professional proxy settings, Multi delete, share, and copy. Sort by ping time.
  • Smart connect to proxy by ping time.
  • Import proxies from file and clipboard. export proxies to file.

and other features.

Telegraph channel:

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+Upgraded to Telegram version 8.3.1
+Bug fixes and performance improvements.
+Check full change log in @app_telegraph channel.

MOD info

  • AdFree subscription activated.
    (Ads in chats list and drawer menu have been removed. Telegram sponsored ads still shows up).

  • Features of standalone telegram version activated.
    (Join and use some channels or bots that suspended due to dmca rules).

  • Analytics services are disabled.

❗️Why are you not remove the sponsored ads? Some features like Ghost mode and removing sponsored channels and sponsored ads are against telegram api terms of service ( Using a client with such options can put your account at risk or have consequences at the future.

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    •Telegraph – Graph Messenger•
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