Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game v1.2.8 (Mod – One Shot Kill)

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Update: 13/01/2021
Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game

Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game APK Review

🔥Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game the best action adventure idle RPG game of 2021.🔥

The Story Of Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game
The dungeon has been overrun by terrible monsters and soon the world will be occupied and invaded – It needs a hero to bring peace to the land, and that hero is you! As our leader, you must grab your blade and vanquish the terror. With the help of other warriors you can summon along the way, collect artifacts to make yourself stronger and destroy the dark forces ,strategically progress your heroes and Sword Master’s skills to attack legendary boss and fight nonstop monsters in this quest to bring peace to the land.

Now grab your sword, assemble a team of heroes, and join Sword Master on an epic adventure to defeat the Demon Lords,Goblin Chiefs,Queen of Thorns,Amethyst Titan,Nurse spiders,Knight of the Dead,Valley Top Dragon,Skeleton King… in infinity game play

🖐With Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game You Can
Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to adventure, and tap to summon and hire warriors and heroes. Tap to activate devastating battle skills, tap for action, tap for fun and tap to collect mysterious artifacts. Keep tapping away. You are our last hope!

Features Of Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game
➤ Advance through thousands of levels to prove your skills
➤ Tap/Click to defeat 50+ unique monsters & Big Bosses.
➤ Summon 20+ warriors and heroes to fight monsters & bosses for you, even when you’re not tapping
➤ Explore 10+ adventure-filled realms with multiple monsters & bosses in each
➤ Join fun RPG tournaments to compete against others
➤ Battle cursed monsters & bosses in the dark dungeons to find even more treasures
➤ Prestige and cash in your progress for powerful old artifacts and become stronger
➤ Collect 20+ artifacts to enhance your many weapons and abilities
➤ Experience 2021’s best action adventure RPG!
➤ Play the full idle RPG game experience offline and on the go.
➤ Tap to defeat 100+ all-new monsters in 10+ gorgeous, hand-drawn realms
➤ Recruit heroes and loyal pets to help you withstand the endless Bosses onslaught
➤ Unlock unique skills to power up strategically to fight monsters
➤ Adventure down scenic paths during seasonal events to collect rewards and exclusive gear
➤ Compete against other players from around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

The Scenes from This Game
❤️ The Forest of Monsters
❤️ Black Rock Mountain
❤️ Thorn Swamp
❤️ The Lost Cave
❤️ Twisted Jungle
❤️ Pharaoh’s Mausoleum
❤️ Ghostly Cemetery
❤️ Dragon Valley
❤️ Skeleton Castle
❤️ eographic Valley
❤️ To be continued…

About Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game
As you charge across the land in this idle action game, assemble a team of heroes with unique abilities like the Knight of Cobalt Steel, to fight beside Sword Master as he faces any monster in battle. Tap tap alongside your heroes as you strategically power up to make your way across 10+ hand-drawn realms. Upgrade or craft custom gear and unlock unique hero abilities in this incremental action RPG. Trade-in your blade for lethal weapons and cause maximum damage to Monster Lords in raids or through tournaments. Tap tap tap to victory as you adventure through event takeovers and unlock extraordinary prizes. Along the way, join or build your clan with Sword Masters worldwide in this free to play clicker game.

Tap to slay hundreds of Monster Lords with your sword as you journey through the land in this clicker RPG adventure. Upgrade your blade for new gear, gather pets, and enter multiplayer clan raids with users across the globe to leave your legacy as the Ultimate Sword Master.

Download and Play Tap Dungeon Hero:Idle Infinity RPG Game NOW – Join the adventure and tap tap tap to victory!

Send your game-related inquiries to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.

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❤️ Dear Bravehearts ❤️
✨Happy New Year✨!
😃 Here are the updates yo😃

1 Companion can be reborn once after every 1000 levels
2 New daily tasks and newbie gift bags
3 New German, French and Japanese
4 New animations and dynamic effects
5 Modify the game icon
6 BUFF icons appear in detail after long press
7 Modified the known bugs

🌟Please give us some time😘😘😘😘
🌟We are designing equipment and event modules
🌟We will update and optimize the gameplay and experience for a long time

MOD info

- [ Player Menu ] -
- One Shot Kill [ Upgrade Damage ] - Upgrading Damage Will Give Massive Damage Boost

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5 4.9K
4 854.0
3 476.0
2 98.0
1 180.0

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