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Update: 27/08/2022
Tacticool: 5v5 shooting game

Tacticool: 5v5 shooting game APK Review

Tacticool is an isometric perspective action multiplayer that challenges two teams of up to five players to face each other inside small battlefields and destroy their enemies. You can use all kinds of weapons, vehicles, and explosives.

Game Features :

  • More than 70 types of weapons: Shotgun, Knives, Grenades, Mines, RPG, C4, Adrenaline, Landau, Gravity Gun, Sniper Gun and more. Choose your weapon & shooting games tactics for the battle. Play a realistic shooting game!
  • Up to 28 customizable characters in PvP action games. Create your own unique hero to win this third-person shooter.
  • Destructible environment. Arrange cool war games online, break fences, blow up cars, start shootouts, use auto aiming. Enter a real online survival game!
  • Take part in battles in different locations. Choose one of 18 shooter games maps. Make killing shots on the 5v5 battlefields.
  • Car fights and exciting PvP combat with your squad. Shoot straight from the car or arrange an accident. The engaging gameplay makes this game a real action-packed shootout!

Regular updates, new events and new cool gun game elements. With Tacticool 5v5 game you`ll never get bored. During events you can get new gameplay experience for upgrading your killing and shooting skills.

Play online with your friends and make new friends in Tacticool! Take part in team-based gun game action, join clans with players from all over the world, share your knowledge and communicate.
This 5v5 action game is based on tactics. The third-person view allows you to develop various tactics and shooting skills: place a sniper or send a special forces squad, set up a trap for the enemy.
Important note: this game requires a stable internet connection.
Developed with the support of MY.GAMES.

Controls in Tacticool are really user-friendly and they’re well adapted to touchscreens. The left virtual d-pad lets you move your character but if you slide your thumb toward the right side of the screen you can aim. Keep in mind that your character will shoot automatically when there’s an enemy within range.

When you start playing Tacticool you’ll only have a couple of weapons available (sub-machine gun and shotgun) and one character. But, as you continue playing and leveling up, you can unlock more than 20 different characters and up to 50 different weapons, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, etc.

One of the strongest features in Tacticool is the dynamic settings. You’ll find different vehicles that you can drive (as well as run over your enemies), and some surprise elements that can kill any character such as a moving train.

Tacticool is an excellent third-person online shooter that includes outstanding visuals and animations and a huge amount of content. The combats last four minutes max, which is the perfect amount of time to play a quick round.

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