Subway Simulator 3D v3.9.2 (Mod – Endless money)

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Update: 30/09/2021
Subway Simulator 3D

Subway Simulator 3D APK Review

Bullet train games 2018 are so fascinating! Subway Simulator 3D app is an amazing chance to control an underground train. Railroad games offer you to feel like a true passenger train driver and to explore various train station routes on the metro map. Play one of the greatest railway apps and feel like a passenger train controller.


upgrade your train driver and make an illustrious career;
choose one underground train from 4 subway trains and customize them;
discover metro map with intricate train controller routes and visit each train station;
switch between the views of your metro express: from cab view to car view.

No doubt that it is one of the most amazing railroad games with an opportunity to choose an underground train and feel like a true train controller. This one of bullet train games 2018 is a perfect opportunity explore each underground train station. Play one of the greatest railway apps.

In this train simulator you can upgrade your passenger train driver. Collect authority points and get a promotion to unlock more metro rail routes and trains. Reach the highest rank to unlock all of them. Points are given to you for each completed route, but also for the total number of passengers you delivered. Become the greatest passenger train controller in these metro train games.


Choose a route and an underground train: you can drive up to 3 cars;
Make doors open/close using the “door” button;
Use the lever to speed up/slow down;
Track the number of passengers: deliver as many as you can;
Change the camera view to see how many passengers there are in a car;
Track your speed or get fined – follow the speed limit instructions;
Use the metro express warning signal when necessary.
Be careful and try to avoid accidents
Try the new autopilot function

Follow metro rail routes and transport passengers between stations

In this one of the realistic metro train games you have to be very careful to avoid train accidents. Drive and watch the speed limit and metro map.

Subway Simulator 3D train driver app key features:

1) Breathtaking subway game new for exploring underground;
2) Passenger train simulator with a chance to be a train controller;
3) Several metro express trains and lots of metro rail routes to explore;
4) Greatest of railroad games with the autopilot;
5) Opportunity to control a high-speed underground train;
6) One of the best bullet train games 2018.

Enjoy the renovated, reinvented Subway Simulator 3D with its new metro express trains, metro map with routes and possibilities – one of the best metro train games!

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Two new trains are waiting for you in the new version of the game: the unique Cyber Train, which can help you to find out how futuristic subway trains will look like, and the new R211 train straight from New York!
Also, the following changes and innovations are made:
- Now you can change the number of wagons for your ride;
- The problem with the endless loading of assets has been solved: you just need to clear the cache right on the loading screen.

MOD info

Endless money;
Toll trains unlocked.

67.4K total
5 34.8K
4 5.6K
3 4.5K
2 2.9K
1 19.5K

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