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Update: 09/05/2022
Stay Focused: Block Site & App

Stay Focused: Block Site & App APK Review

Have trouble concentrating? You can now improve your productivity with Stay Focused Premium APK, an application that lets you block applications and websites.

Today, we have so many distractions at our fingertips that it is hard to concentrate on anything. If you tend to procrastinate and get distracted by the fascinating flight of a fly, download this app’s APK file and block apps and websites to avoid being distracted by your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to block apps and websites on Android

Stay Focused APK is an app for blocking applications, web pages, and keywords. This way, you can avoid being distracted by the temptations of your Android device.

With a simple, elegant, and intuitive interface, it is very easy to use. Go to the main menu and see the apps you have used, how long you have used each app, the time you have spent surfing the internet, how many times you have unlocked your terminal, and access your usage statistics.

Self-control, productivity, and application usage tracking application that helps you concentrate.

You can also “take a break” from your cell phone for as long as you chose (you can exclude specific apps from the blocking time) and establish three control modes: standard, password, and strict. You can also create profiles with particular apps that you want to block (such as social networks, the primary source of distraction). Stay Focused also offers several types of blocking:

  • With a time limit.
  • Specific time intervals.
  • Quick blocking.
  • A number of times you open an app.
  • Waiting time.
  • By goals.

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* Improved "Wait timer"
* Set usage limit in give time range

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