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Update: 09/10/2020
Solar Walk 2: Planetarium and Spacecraft 3D Models

Solar Walk 2: Planetarium and Spacecraft 3D Models Apk info

Solar Walk 2 – Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration is a powerful encyclopedia of the Solar system. The app presents the 3D model of our Solar system for the detailed study of the universe, space, stars, planets, moons and any other celestial bodies in real time.

With Solar Walk 2 you can study celestial event calendar, learn about significant events in the history of space exploration, read interesting astronomy facts, explore Solar system planets in real time, observe 3D models of spacecraft, and even keep track of them in real action.

Explore space and Solar system planets in real time with Solar Walk 2

A must-have for Solar system enthusiasts! A great educational tool – planetarium 3D, the encyclopedia of the Solar system containing the most outstanding astronomy events for kids and adults!


Encyclopedia of the Solar system 3D app – Main features:


With Solar Walk 2 you will be able to see highly-elaborated 3D models of spacecraft, satellites and interplanetary stations in real action. With this encyclopedia of the Solar system 3D, you will see where they started, track the real trajectory of their flight path, view real pictures made during the space missions, read astronomy facts. Explore space and learn more about the exploration of our Solar system.


To explore space in details use the celestial event calendar that includes various astronomy events (solar, lunar eclipse, the moon phases), and events related to space exploration (launching of satellites, etc). Exploration of our Solar system model is easy with Solar Walk 2.


Planetarium 3D app provides general and detailed info about Solar system planets and moons, satellites, dwarfs, asteroids and stars. Learn the internal structure of any celestial body, the average distance from the sun, explore planets positions, mass, density, orbital velocity, visit the gallery of space photos, find interesting astronomy facts.


Solar system simulator. Navigation and travel across the Solar system are extremely convenient – you can observe Solar system planets in real time and 3D models of spacecraft at the desired angle while visual effects and shadows add to the sensation of the cosmic atmosphere. Explore space and the most significant astronomy events with the 3D model of our Solar system Solar Walk 2!


Take a look at the Solar system in real time, or select any date and time and see what happens. Explore planets in real time or take a look at the past with the time machine and celestial event calendar from Solar Walk 2!


Encyclopedia of the Solar system 3D enables you to observe Solar system 3D and explore planets from different angles, zoom any celestial body in and out, enjoy stunning graphics and visual effects, the textures of the planets, the beauty and realness of the images. An amazing tool for exploration of our Solar system.


Be aware of the latest news from the world of space and astronomy with Solar Walk 2. The app’s “What’s new” section will inform you about the most outstanding celestial events in time. You won’t miss anything!

Solar Walk 2 is an excellent tool, planetarium 3D, Solar system encyclopedia perfect for people of all ages who are interested in the universe, exploration of our Solar system, spacecraft, celestial event calendar, astronomy events, astronomy facts and space exploration.

The app contains In-app purchases (Premium Access). Premium Access unlocks space missions, satellites, celestial events, asteroids, dwarf planets and comets.

Take a fascinating journey through our Solar system planets and observe wonderful 3D models of spacecraft with Solar Walk 2 – Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration!

Get this fantastic 3D model of our Solar system and travel through space!

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