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Update: 20/11/2022
SmartTube Next

SmartTube Next APK Review

SmartTubeNext APK is an advanced and ad-free YouTube app for Android TVs and TV boxes, free & open source. It is not a live TV client and does not support “YouTube TV”.

✅ Features: no ads | SponsorBlock | adjustable playback speed | 4k and higher | 60fps | HDR | does not require Google Services | helpful international community

❌ Disadvantages: no live chat | no comments stability, voice search, and casting support might be worse than in the official YouTube, depending on your device

Device support

SmartTubeNext apk devices


The SmartTubeNext app has a built-in updater. You only need to follow the installation procedure once. A few seconds after launching SmartTubeNext, it will notify you if there is any update and show a changelog. You can disable automatic update checks or manually update in the settings under “about.”


SmartTubeNext requires Android 4.3 or above. It does not work on non-Android devices. This is a TV app, so it mostly does not work on smartphones or tablets.

It has been successfully tested on TVs, TV boxes and TV sticks that are based on Android, including:

  • Android TVs & Google TVs (e.g. Philips, Sony)
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Amazon FireTV stick
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • TV boxes running Android (many cheap chinese no-name boxes)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box*

    The Chinese firmware might block the installation of the beta version. solutions:

    1. install the stable version instead (recommended)
    2. install the international firmware
    3. You can might be able to bypass the restriction by doing a factory reset (to revert the update that blocks the installation). You can then install SmartTubeNext beta before doing any system updates. You can then safely update your system, SmartTubeNext should continue working. It is currently not confirmed if installing updates works.

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  • NEW option: Settings/Player/Seek interval

  • Casting: added dpad support

  • Ability to rename pinned item. See respective context menu.

  • Description item has been added to video context menu

  • Video description: added time code links

  • Added OpenVPN settings dialog: Settings/General/Misc/Use OpenVPN

  • Added proxy settings dialog: Settings/General/Misc/Use Web Proxy

MOD info

  • Contains cumulative changes from the beta with the same version number. All bugs transferred too)

  • Updates are released less frequently than in the beta

  • All metrics (like crashlytics in the beta) have been removed

  • App name has been shortened (SmartTube), and icon changed to the red one

  • Pure Chinese firmware support (where the beta can't be installed)

Too few users ratings

5 thoughts on “SmartTube Next APK Youtube for Android TV v16.38”

  1. Works cool; what i am missing:
    On a Android 7 (Huawei), the video simply plays without controls for pause, forward etc.
    It is in fullscreen only.

    • This version is designed for Android TV. One that is similar but designed for Android phones is called YouTube Vanced.

    • Only full screen on my Samsung tab , android 11,
      No access to control or subs settings etc but it does work with search feature.


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