Screenshot touch Pro – Capture by touch v1.9.1 (Mod)

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Upadate: 05/05/2022
Screenshot touch

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Screenshot touch Pro supports Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Screenshot touch Basic features

• Capture by touch (Notification area, overlay icon, shaking the device)
• Record video cast of the screen to mp4 with options (Resolution, Frame rate, Bit rate, audio)
• Web page whole scroll capture (with an in-app web browser)
• There are two ways to scroll capture. One is to share the URL in a web browser and select Screenshot Touch. The second is to call the in-app browser directly by pressing the globe icon on the settings page.
• Photo viewer
• Image cropper (Crop ratio, rotate)
• Drawing on captured image (Pen, Text, Rectangle, Circle, Stamp, Opacity, and so on)
• Sharing screenshot images to other installed apps (user controlled)

Screenshot touch Pro Dynamic features

• Capture options (choose the save directory, optional subfolders, file format, jpeg quality, capture delay, and so on)
• Persistent notification (optional): This allows the notification to always remain present which cannot be swiped away. It quickens the accessibility of Screenshot touch.
• Multiple saving folders: This allows you to create subfolders in a categorizing manner for grouping your screenshots. This especially helps when taking a series of screenshots of different screen activities by organizing what gets saved were avoiding having to use a file manager afterward. For example; you might not want your Facebook screenshots mixed up in the same folder with the screenshots of your favorite app, game, or home screen.

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- Update translation
- Improve recording
* Include internal media sound from Android 10 or Higher
* support HEVC(H.265 encoder) from Android 7 or Higher
- Improve shortcut feature (Add start/stop recording)
- Improve billing
- Support Android 10 compatibility
- Improve stability

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