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Update: 05/04/2021
Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch

Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch APK Review

How pleasant fishing in Rapala Fishing – the Daily Catch. The project attracts not only men but also girls. But there is only a male character, decided to fish on freshwater, river, lake – all the quiet expanses of North America. Pick a spot on shore, then cast the line as far on where to catch the big fish.

Unlike other fishing simulator, there is no need to sit and stare at the monotonous view in anticipation of the catch. The mechanics of the game allows you to control the hook. In the underwater world inhabited by various future catch. Slowly slide the hook from side to side or abruptly pull out any fish. There is a timer after which time all your gear and get out of the water. If you don’t manage to catch anything, you’ll have to throw a new bait. To hooking the fish, slide your finger up the screen. The process of capture is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

The picture of the local scenery are not deterred, and throughout the rest heard the sounds of flying dragonflies, flies, ducks ‘ quacking, water splash and much more. The developers managed to maintain a serene atmosphere. During the passage Rapala Fishing – the Daily Catch you increase the rating, while competing with other players. Get daily prizes and bonuses.

Fishing made for everyone of all ages!
• Simple and intuitive controls make navigating our fishing game so straightforward that you can spend your time where it counts – on the water!
• Unlimited fishing! There’s no need to worry about timers or energy to restrict your gameplay. Fish as much as you want, as often as you want!
• Our tutorial offers key insight on how to be successful in the game. This isn’t just for seasoned anglers, but for fisherfolk of all skill levels!

AMAZING 3D Graphics
• Seamless above and below water gameplay offer up close visuals of a wide variety of fish. Experience the fight first-hand!
• Immerse yourself in beautiful 3D locations across North America.
• Catch many unique species of fish! You’re guaranteed to feel like you’re on the water!

Get Competitive!
• Prove your skills by competing in daily fishing tournaments against anglers from all over the world!
• Improve your skills by finding the right combination of tackle, retrieval motion, and lake locations to catch bigger fish each outing.
• Up for a challenge? Legendary fish promise an all-out battle, and offer BIG rewards!

Rapala Real!
• Realistic 3D fishing with dozens of real Rapala® Lures.
• Enhance your authentic Rapala gear and hold your place on the Leaderboards to become the TOP fisher in the ENTIRE world!
• Witness impressive game mechanics that rank Rapala® Fishing – Daily Catch as the #1 fishing experience for mobile gaming!

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Minor bug fixes to improve your fishing experience.

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