PicsArt Mod APK 2022 v21.0.4 (Gold + Premium)

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Update: 25/11/2022
Picsart Photo & Video Editor

Picsart Photo & Video Editor APK Review

PicsArt Photo Studio (Gold + Premium) is a complete Android app with which you can edit images, apply effects and filters, and share the results on your social networks.

One of the many valuable features of modern smartphones, apart from their instant messaging capacities that allow us to be connected to friends and family 24/7, is definitely their photo cameras and the possibility to instantly capture any moment. Or isn’t it one of the aspects you rate the most when it comes to choosing a new phone?

Android phones are incorporating better and better cameras, to such an extent that digital cameras are almost in disuse. Why? Well, apart from being much more comfortable to carry around a single gadget in our pocket, we also have to point out the proliferation of photo editing applications the likes of Photoshop, B612, or Aviary, which allow us to enhance and modify our pics straight from our phone before uploading them to our favorite social networks.

A powerful photo editor, collage creator and drawing tool.

And among those apps for smartphones and tablets, we can point out PicsArt Photo Studio Premium Gold, a tool that goes way beyond the simple editing of photos with which we can edit pics, create collages, apply filters and effects or add stickers. What makes it different from other similar applications is its huge social component as it allows us to discover nearby users, follow other artists, take part in daily challenges and share all our creations online straight from the platform’s own social network. As it says in its name, a real photo studio is in the palm of our hand.

What Effects will I find in PicsArt?

It might be easier to answer the question of which effects and filters aren’t available in this Android application that also has a free version for PCs equipped with Windows 8.1 and 10 (Windows 7 and Mac users aren’t in luck this time around), as well as iPhone and iPad. Because the truth is that there are more than 1,000 different enhancements to be applied to turn your images into real works of art: blur effects, artistic effects, mirror effects, pixel-art effects, characterization effects, fisheye effects, spiral effects…

PicsArt Gold APK Features

  • Edit photos with funny stickers and filters to then share them on the app, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • Take part in daily challenges remixing the same photo with your friends to see who does it better.
  • Create photo compositions such as mosaics or collages.
  • Hundreds of free sticker packs and other premium ones you’ll have to buy by means of in-app purchases.
  • Add text and subtitles to your creations with all sorts and sizes of fonts.
  • Thousands of clipart packs to add new texts, emojis, and backgrounds to your images.
  • Magical effects are boosted by the app’s artificial intelligence to create artistic compositions.
  • Discover and follow other artists that use the app and observe the work they share.
  • New tutorials are published every week, teaching you all the tricks and tips you need to know about this editor.

Which one’s better? PicsArt Premium, Snapseed, Instagram, or Retrica?

When it comes to discussing whether one application is better than another, everything will depend on how we use it. Snapseed, for instance, is a very complete and professional editor but it may lack the vast amount of artistic effects present in PicsArt Gold and neither does it put special emphasis on the social functions of the latter. Totally the opposite of Instagram that’s mainly focused on applying filters and sharing images online but with fewer possibilities than the app we’re reviewing today. With regards to Retrica, it’s a great photo and video editor, with the capacity to create GIFs but that’s also missing some more social functions. Are any of them better than the others? Only you can answer that question once you’ve tried them all out.

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There’s a lot going on in the world. And while we’re not immune to it ourselves, we’re grateful to be plugging along. We recognize that especially in challenging times, you count on us to provide reliable tools that enable you to create what you need, or to have a creative outlet when things feel dark. That keeps us going. So if we don’t say this enough, know that we appreciate each and every one of you.

MOD info

  • Unlocked GOLD Subscription.

  • Improved kill method.

  • PLUS Version Specially for Android 11+ Users (Better than GOLD version)

11.6M total
5 7.6M
4 1.2M
3 597.4K
2 414.2K
1 1.8M

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