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Update: 05/12/2022
My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters APK Review

My Singing Monsters APK Game is a casual management game where you have to create a habitat for a group of monsters whose passion is not scaring people or eating children but, in fact, singing.

Gameplay in My Singing Monsters is exactly like most social management titles: you have to create different structures in the town to get different resources like food and gold. And as you get stock up on resources, you can get new monsters, with your aim being to collect as many as you can.

If you place the monsters in My Singing Monsters together, you can listen to them sing loads of different kinds of songs. One of them, for example, plays drums and another woodwinds, while another sings bass. Combining them in different ways will create new melodies.

My Singing Monsters APK is a very simple casual game that doesn’t offer anything too innovative, but it’s still nice and visually very pretty. Above all, it has a brilliant soundtrack. Trying different monster combinations to make new songs is by far the best thing about it.

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As if the tenth ever Spooktacle wasn't cause enough for celebration... it's time to launch the FIRST EVER BEAT HEREAFTER!

• NEW Seasonal Event - the Beat Hereafter
• Clavavera now available on Bone Island
• NEW Monster: Rare Withur available on Bone Island
• NEW Decorations: Obstacle Decorations for the Beat Hereafter
• Dipsters now available on Bone Island

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