MT Manager MOD APK v2.11.3 Final + [VIP]

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Update: 10/08/2022
MT Manager

MT Manager APK Review

MT Manager Mod APK VIP is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such as managing files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on

MT Manager VIP Features:

  • Portrait mode (landscape only in places)
  • FTP client
  • Viewing the java code of the VIP
  • Support for keystore and jks VIP signatures
  • Search History
  • Search in XML files
  • Search by ID in arsc
  • Support for several dictionaries in the translator (UTF-8 without BOM) VIP
  • Removing and adding localizations
  • Fast transfer of unique strings to the desired localization
  • Batch operations (delete, copy, move, rename)
  • APK Signature (disabled by default)
  • Cloning of APKs
  • Optimizing APK by MT Manager VIP
  • APK Encryption
  • Creating a backup (.bak)
  • Convenient color change in arsc
  • Current Activation List
  • Remote access via WiFi
  • Decompilation / Compiling XML VIP (for a free 200-line limit)
  • Editor ARSC
  • DEX Editor
  • Fix VIP files DEX
  • Text editor with syntax highlighting
  • Comparison of text files up to 500 kb
  • View fonts (.ttf)
  • Executing scripts
  • Working with RAR (opening / unpacking)
  • Work with ZIP (compression / unpacking)
  • Multi-choice
  • View / edit / delete / add classes, methods, domains, permanent
  • Baidu Translator
  • Translator Yandex and Google VIP

Note: MT Manager Needs Root Access

PS: Regarding the problem that multiple files cannot be shared to QQ at the same time on Android 11, after analysis, it is found that QQ is not adapted to the latest system specifications (it is adapted to receive a single file, but it is not adapted to receive multiple files, it is estimated that development user forgot it), and I can’t change back to old specification, which will cause problems with applications that adapt to the new specification. Now I can only wait for the official QQ update.

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Version: 2.11.3 ✅ (22071591)

- Text editor shortcut function bar supports setting minimum and maximum number of lines
- Quick close function of text editor sidebar has been moved to first level menu

- Added Azerbaijani language (thanks to dasqinnagiyev)
- Updated arsc editor for open specific files
- Optimized way to get app name when reading apk information

- Fixed problem that clone can't run in Xiaomi system
- Fixed problem when text editor not correctly recognizing file newlines
- Fixed issue where cursor position was incorrect after increasing/decreasing indentation in text editor
- Fixed issue where stream closed error may occur when saving files in text editors
- Fixed other known issues

MOD info

● MT VIP 2.6.1-final

❏ Mod Features :

◉ Smali2Java
◉ Kill Signature
◉ Xml Decompilation
◉ Clone
◉ Fixed pkg Installer
◉ Removed useless files
◉ Fixed crash
◉ App size decreased
◉ Bugs fixed

❏ Note: This mod may not work on android 7 & lower android versions

❏ Known Bugs - The package installer is fixed, but on some apk it will work& some not

To use the VIP, you just need to create or enter a free MT account 😉

Note: Android 11 or higher devices can't run this app

MT MANAGER 2.11.1 MOD v8 info:

Unlocked offline VIP features:

1. APK cloning with the ability to set your package name (only for the old cloning method)
2. Dex fix
3. Dex comparison
P.S. Works partially; the list of changed classes is displayed, but the changes themselves are not displayed.
4. Changing the path and name of the apk for the procedure for extracting applications
5. Code completion in dex+
6. Multiple choice when deleting classes/folders in dex+
7. Support for dictionaries in the translator
8. Translation plugins

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  1. It doesn’t work. When I try to use a VIP feature, it says “please login again” and i cant logout, change my username, password etc. I really need the vip, what should i do? Please help.

  2. vip not bio* would edit but it’s under moderation feel free it change it before allowing it through. Thank you for everything and this site.

  3. Cannot access bio features? Can you provide more instructions, ideally for most posts it would be cool instead of the practicality of the your method for generating content…

    But yeah I’ve tried a few vip mod now for this and it’s like I’m missing an instruction or something no features from vip ever work. Do you need to not use an account? Is there something else?


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