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Update: 22/11/2022
Monument Valley

Monument Valley APK Review

Monument Valley Mod APK Game  is a fun and pretty game where your objective is to dodge spikes and collect as many coins as possible.

The way the game works is simple: in front of you lies a grassy path filled with coins, but also rife with danger (i.e. sharp rocks and spike-filled holes). You’ve got to run nonstop while collecting all the coins, tapping the screen at just the right moment to dodge any and all of these dangers. Plus, before you begin the game, you can choose between three different difficulty levels to compete against yourself in every round.

Every time you touch the screen, you’ll make your character jump. Knowing this, you need to avoid all the obstacles while collecting all the coins along the dangerous path. It’s harder than it sounds, though. Why? The direction you move changes from time to time, making the game really confusing when it does.

Visually speaking, Monument Valley Mod is a gorgeous game, with pixelated but charming graphics and upbeat music that’s sure to keep you alert during your journey. Without a doubt, Valley Monument is a simple but addictive game that’s a great source of entertainment when you want to pass the time.

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