Location Changer (Fake GPS Location with Joystick) v3.09 (Pro)

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Update: 09/06/2022
Location Changer - Fake GPS Location with Joystick

Location Changer - Fake GPS Location with Joystick Apk info

Location Changer – Fake GPS Location with Joystick MOD APK is an app that lets you override your real location so you can ‘trick’ any other app, indicating that you’re in the location you want. You can select any city in the world. And best of all is that you can move your location using a simple joystick.

To use Location Changer APK, as with all apps like this, you first have to activate the ‘mock locations’ option in the settings panel on your Android device. Once that simple step is done, you can manually set your location on the map. You can use the joystick to move around the world map or, if you prefer, type in the exact location you want.

One of the most interesting things about Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick is that you can even create fake routes on the map, so your GPS believes you’re walking or running a set distance. This option can be particularly useful for some games where you need to walk to fulfill objectives.

Location Changer – Fake GPS Location with Joystick Pro APK is a nice app to trick your GPS thanks to which you can ‘visit’ any city in the world just by typing in the name. Or make it even more fun and get there using your joystick.

* Joystick: this can be enabled from Settings – Joystick. To set the maximum speed (in km/h) go to Settings – Speed. Double-tap on the Joystick and hold it down to drag it to a new preferred position.

* What is “Mock locations”? Mock location is a hidden setting in Developer options in the Android operating system that allows a device owner to set any GPS location for testing purposes. To enable Developer options go to your device Settings – About and tap the Build number 7 times. This may be different on some devices, in this case, you have to search how to do it for your device. Please use caution by not changing other system settings.

* Now you can add multiple pins on the map and set an interval in seconds to change the location to each pin. Please note that in Android the interval will vary significantly when you turn off your screen/the device goes into sleep mode. To clear the pins, tap on Done and then long-press on the map or search for a location to set a new single pin.

* Please note that this app does not change your IP address, this is not a VPN. Applications/websites that check your location based on your IP address may still detect your real location.

* Now you can access the Android system Developer options from the menu in the lower right.

* Now it works in Battery saving mode too (no GPS), so all Location modes work now. This mode does not work with Root mode.

* Please note: to disable Mock locations on your device you will need to do it from Developer options. You normally do not need to disable it back, but some apps may not like it that you have it enabled, as they can detect this. Also, it is important to tap on the Stop button before you disable Mock locations to get your real location back.

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Please consider reviewing this app again if all the issues have been fixed. If there are any more problems, they will be fixed as soon as possible if you let us know.

- Added Backup and Restore in Settings - More.
- Ability to randomize the location by radius (Settings - More - Randomize location), also the same for Accuracy, Altitude and Speed.
- Remade all icons as vector assets (best quality on any display).
- Improvements and fixes.

Please read the full description for more info.

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked

  • Maps/Location works

  • Debug info removed

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