Kaspersky Who Calls v1.26.0.67 (Premium)

Определитель номера, антиспам: Kaspersky Who Calls icon
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Update: 04/04/2021
Определитель номера, антиспам: Kaspersky Who Calls

Определитель номера, антиспам: Kaspersky Who Calls APK Review

Are you annoyed by incoming and missed calls from unknown numbers and anonymous calls? Now this problem is over by Kaspersky Who Calls APK.

Kaspersky Who Calls – is a free caller ID that checks all incoming calls from unknown numbers so you know for sure whether to pick up the phone. You can even add annoying and suspicious individuals to the spammer database yourself – security starts with each of us.

Automatic Caller ID displays information about an incoming or missed call from an unknown number, including the name of the organization, its category and the reputation of the number. The identifier will help you not to miss important and necessary calls in the flow of information noise both at home and on trips.

Kaspersky Who Calls Features

  • Identifies unknown numbers in incoming and missed calls.
  • Helps to check unknown phone numbers.
  • Blocks unwanted calls and shows details about them.
  • Continuously improves the accuracy of spam detection by updating the anti-spam databases 3.

To identify unknown and anonymous calls, Kaspersky Who Calls does not require your phone number and contact list: we do not download your data or publish it.

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