Gun Shoot War Mod APK v8.2 (God mode)

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Update: 26/01/2021
Gun Shoot War

Gun Shoot War APK Review

Gun Shoot War Mod APK – an interesting action-Packed first-person shooter with the confrontation between special forces and terrorists. The player will stand on the side of the government troops engaged in the elimination of terrorist groups. To perform tasks, the user will be sent the command in several locations where it is necessary to destroy the criminals’ superior forces. To help achieve the objectives, of will be able to a wide assortment of firearms, ranging from pistols and ending with a rapid-fire six-barreled minigun.

How to get weapons?

In the mission, killing terrorist criminals can seize gold coins on them. With this money, you can go to the store to buy weapons and ammunition. If you want to get a powerful weapon, you need to kill enough terrorists and collect enough gold coins. Don’t be soft-hearted in front of terrorists. Otherwise, you won’t be able to come back!

Gun Shoot War Game features:

◈ Many weapons:
Many different types of weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, grenades, sniper rifles, high-speed heavy machine guns M134, rocket, etc. Everything. Hurry up and complete the mission to earn coins and buy a weapon of your own!

◈ Carefully prepared mission map:
The real building model simulates the real shooting environment. The classic Dust2 map and AWP sniper training map, as well as the real building rotten building map and small maze map, are waiting for you to complete!

◈ Zombie mode:
Destroy all the horrible zombies on the map to complete the mission.

◈ Smooth and true first-person shooting experience:
Simulate a real shooting experience, full-screen vibration when shooting, super shock! Support custom adjustment of sliding sensitivity to adapt the mobile phone to the most suitable shooting operation feel.

◈ Multi-reward system:
A variety of reward systems can help you quickly accumulate gold coins in the game and get your favorite weapons as soon as possible. Of course, we also provide the opportunity to try weapons when the gold coins are insufficient. After the experience is satisfied, you can buy it. Note that our weapons are completely free, and any purchase only requires game currency! Everyone can be a hero without spending money.

You can play the Gun Shoot War Mod APK game at any time offline and enjoy the fun of simulating real shooting at any time.

The task is effortless; quickly pick up your weapon and go to complete your hero test mission!

Right now, click to download and install; the package is tiny, you can immediately join the battle!

Follow-up plan:
◈ Update multiple zombie models
◈ Support custom button layout
◈ Add random events

The follow-up games are more exciting; join us now!

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- Modify daily rewards.
- Modify UI.
- Fix bugs.

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