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Update: 09/01/2022
GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location

GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location APK Review

Whether It’s your travel memories or your Visit at particular place, with GPS Map camera stamp application, add Datetime, Map, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Weather, Magnetic field, Compass to Your Camera Photos.

Track Live location along with your captured Photos by GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application. Send your Geo Location of Street / Place added photos to your Family & Friends, and let them know about your best Earth travel memories.

How to add GPS map location on photos?

Install GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application in your SmartPhone
Arrange Formats of Stamps, Change Settings according to Your requirement of GPS map Location Stamp
Add GPS Location stamps automatically to your clicked pictures

Interesting Features:

Get Custom camera with Grid, Ratio, Rotate, Flash, Focus Support
Add Date & Timestamp from various Formats as image tag
Add Template of Map, GPS Address, Latitude longitude, Weather, Magnetic Field, Compass with real time gps tracking
Template with Notecam feature
Set Map type as Automatic or Manual
Change Map type from Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid Options
Set GPS Coordinates from DMS or Decimal Options for GPS Stamp
Set Temperature Unit from Celsius or Fahrenheit Options

Why to have GPS Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone

To Add Satellite Map Stamp on Photos
To Add GPS Map Location Stamp to Photos
To Add Geotag Stamp on photos & to add date stamp to photos
To Add Photo Location stamp with geo tagging camera
To Add Date Timestamp, works as timestamper & date stamper
Works as GPS note cam stamping GPS details on photo
To Add Longitude, Latitude, Address, Date-Time, Location stamp to Photos
To use as GPS tracker on Photos
To Get Location image Stamp with simple camera gps
Camera timestamp having custom stamps

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:

Travelers & Explorers can effectively utilize Geo-tagging camera
People associated with business related to real estate, Infrastructure, Architecture can easily apply GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Photos
Individuals having Destination celebrations of events like Wedding, Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries etc
Anyone who wants to add GPS Details on their photo as a GPS notecam can have this App.
Persons having outstation Meetings, conferences, Conclaves, Meetups, Events arranged by companies or Institutions solving and serving particular purpose
Travel, Food, fashion & Art Bloggers can advance their experiences with adding GPS Location through GPS Map Camera
Place Oriented businesses, where You require to send images with Live Location To Clients.

For experimenting with such Interesting Features MUST Download GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application Right now in your Smartphone.

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