Forward Assault Mod APK v1.2028 (enemies on mini map)

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Upadate: 02/07/2022
Forward Assault

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Join a team and go head to head against online opponents in the Counter-Strike inspired multiplayer FPS Forward Assault. Either play as terrorists intend on planting a bomb, or as the counter-terror team trying to prevent disaster by taking out all the terrorists (or deactivating the bomb).

Game Features : 

  •  Ranked mode
    (You play as a terrorist or counter terrorist; the main objective is to plant and defuse the bomb. By winning you rank up to the next rank and climb the rank ladder.)
  • Gun Game
    (Team based mode where you get a new weapon each kill. The first player to reach the knife wins)
  • Team deathmatch
    (Eliminate as your enemies and get points, the team with the most points after the time is up wins)
  • Sniper team deathmatch
    (Play Team deathmatch but with a twist, only sniper rifles are allowed)
  • Infected
    (Your team has to fight a zombie, but be aware if the zombie catches you transform into a zombie as well. To bring your team to victory you need to survive till the time s up. You lose if everyone is infected.)

Forward Assault Mod APK Game has easy-to-use controls that have been optimized for touchscreen devices: a virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen, and the weapon’s sight on the right. Also on the right side of the screen are buttons to change weapons, reload, duck, and jump.

Forward Assault’s Mod APK main game mode is similar to a traditional Counter-Strike game. Basically, two teams compete to be the first to complete certain goals. If your character dies, you’ll have to wait until the round ends before you can respawn, which of course is when one of the teams wins!

On top of all that, in Forward Assault you can buy weapons at the beginning of a match, just like in the original Counter-Strike. Overall, Forward Assault is super fun 3D online shooter, with great graphics and loads of weapons to choose from.

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-Performance improvement
-New FPS cap option
-USP rebalanced
-Fixed audio shuttering when recording.

MOD Info

- enemies on mini map

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3 20.6K
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