Farm Town: Farming Relax Day Mod APK v3.72 (Unlimited Money)

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Update: 06/07/2022
Farm Town - Family Farming Day

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Farm Town: Farming Relax Day Mod APK Game is a farm management game, similar to other titles like Let’s Farm or Farmville, where players have to help an old lady look after her farm and supply the whole village.

On your first day on the farm, you take care of planting and harvesting wheat, which will let you build a chicken coop and even a bread oven. With this, you can start sending products to the market and receive profits to invest in the farm.

As usual in these kinds of games, Farm Town Happy Village lets players do everything you would expect from a farm: raising pigs and cows, growing different kinds of grains, creating a garden full of delicious leafy vegetables… What’s more, the game includes the fun addition that lets you create delicious dishes from the food that you produce: meat, as well as vegetables, will be the main ingredients in the incredible pies and dishes you can sell in the market.

As you progress through this game, you can exchange goods for services. For example, you can ask the man who comes for the farm’s produce to help you saw trees and remove stones in exchange for the garden produce.

Farm Town: Farming Relax Day Mod APK is the perfect game for countryside farm lovers who have always dreamed of producing their own resources and converting an old farm into a wonderful orchard full of life and fun. Plus, the gameplay is addictive and the graphics are really pretty.

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- MERGE cafe now in town!
- Nice new interfaces;
- Visual upgrades;
- Brand new characters and story lines;
- Known issues fixed;
- Performance and stability improved;

MOD Info

Unlimited Money

557.0K total
5 420.3K
4 64.1K
3 34.8K
2 11.7K
1 26.0K

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