Event Horizon: spaceship builder and alien shooter v2.5.7 (Mod – Money)

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Update: 04/03/2021
Event Horizon Clash of Fleets: Spacecraft VS Alien

Event Horizon Clash of Fleets: Spacecraft VS Alien APK Review

Event Horizon – Frontier – cosmostrategy, sends the user to the remote places of the galaxy to fight the aliens. Here the player is required to defend your space station against attacks from invaders with the help of a fleet of starships and fortifications. Upgrading the station, the player can repel enemy raids. Also to resist the enemy will help improve space ships, and discovering new technologies. Total there are more than 80 ships, twice as many types of modules for them and a set of unique abilities.


The game begins by building your first spaceship, unlocking starfleet modules and upgrading weapons on the starship.
You can construct over 🔥100 types of spacecraft🔥 for the greatest starfleet armada:
🛸Powerful cruisers, including attack cruisers, battle cruisers, combat cruisers and star cruisers;
🛸Frigates, including attack frigates, heavy frigates and light frigates;
🛸Super-tech unique battleships with the best engines;
🛸Attack dreadnoughts;
🛸Cosmic shuttlecraft to destroy bosses;
🛸Starships against settlers.
You can choose limitless arenas, upgrade starfleet options and construct different types of equipment, such as
🌍world global navigation satellite system;
💥hyperdrive warp system,
🔫powerful laser weapons;
🔫orbital weaponry with powerful engines;
🔫machine guns.
➕You can upgrade your starships with radars, powerful engines, afterburners, amplifiers and many other things to strengthen your fleet against invaders, enemies and captains from mysterious planets.


The story of our shooting game unfolds in the Event Horizon game universe, which holds many mysteries. You, as the main creator, builder and constructor of such a huge space base, worked up a sweat so that the starbase works properly, all your galactic spacecraft can fly in numerous galaxies and conduct cosmic flights. You maintain the space base in excellent condition, upgrade your fleet and build some galactic battleships from scratch in order to be ready for any offline PvP battle with aliens from other planets and settlers from the void above.


Our star shooter contains numerous epic war combats, including galactic combats with aliens’ armadas and commanders, ground terra clash offline PvP battles with terrifying invaders and shooting fights with scary settlers. Clash fights against bosses are centered towards the bigger picture, preparation and strategy, so, you will have to choose offline PvP battle tactics and strategy, the right weapons for every attack and types of troops. There are also diplomatic options such as alliances with other terra races, bosses, enemies and other constructors.


In Event Horizon game universe you will become a spaceship designer and will construct super-tech unique spacecraft, design terra battleships as well as their engines and the base itself.


✔Top galaxy action game with hardcore clash gameplay, epic offline PvP battles, shooting terra missions, fights and wars against bosses;
✔Numerous powerful starships to unlock and to build, including cruisers and frigates;
✔Epic clash combats and wars against bosses + alliances with aliens’ battleships, settlers, ufo, invaders – defeat commanders;
✔Different wars, missions and modules for your armada;
✔Beautiful galactic sceneries – dozens of arenas, worlds, universes, planets and galaxies;
✔Design, construct and command your own cosmic fleet and fight enemies – become a constructor;
✔Best fighting and shooting arena to destroy and defeat enemies;
✔Great design of all the galaxies and terra universes.

The world is yours, commander! To infinity and beyond, captain!

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1. Many Stars
2. A lot of money
3. Tokens

10.2K total
5 5.6K
4 2.0K
3 1.1K
2 523.0
1 976.0

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