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Update: 13/09/2022
Dude Theft Wars: Offline games

Dude Theft Wars: Offline games APK Review

Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator Mod APK Game is a violent action game that combines titles such as GTA and an entertaining sandbox similar to Minecraft

Game Features :

  • One of free open world games & ragdoll games
  • Exciting online multiplayer games mode
  • One of free ragdoll games & funny action games
  • Open world games online fps shooting game
  • Online multiplayer & ragdoll games mode with up to 16 players
  • Challenging shooting games with ragdoll games physics
  • Funny sandbox driving simulator
  • Play mini games in this open world games
  • Find secrets & cheats in sandbox simulator

What would happen if we created a crossover between Minecraft and GTA? Well, there’s no need to carry on wondering because the possibility is real. Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator is a rather stingy yet entertaining action game full of huge pixels and violence. You’re a rather normal-looking guy that one day decides that his life could be much more fun if he were to become a vandal.

Unjustified destruction and violence

So, with this idea in mind, we’ll set out to spread violence around our neighborhood using our fists, a baseball bat, and also hand grenades. The usual stuff. In our spiral of destruction, hate, and death, we’ll come across other people that we can hit or rob. We’ll explore streets, parks, gardens, shops, private houses… with the only intention of unleashing our most violent concerns. And what can we do with the money we collect? Buy weapons, of course.

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Bug Fixes
20+ Brand New Cars including Vans, Jeeps, Sedans, Ambulance, Sports cars, Classics and more! 🚙🚗🏎️🚕🚓🚒
Every Car now has its unique engine sounds🔊
Now you can look around freely while in a Car 🚗🎥
5 New dUber cars Available to get instantly! 🏎️🚗🚙
Increased draw distance of Camera for all graphic settings 🏞️
Unlimited Ai Cars distance 🚘🚔
Lot's of performance optimization
35+ New Cheat Codes Added!👨🏻‍💻 Including MakeRamp🛫 and SpawnBanana🍌
Lots of Bugs Smashed!🐞🐝🐛🛠️

MOD info

Money increases with spending.

1.1M total
5 749.7K
4 105.7K
3 52.8K
2 34.2K
1 121.6K

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