Diaro Pro – diary, journal, notes, Mood Tracker v3.92.1 (Pro)

Diaro - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock icon
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Update: 30/06/2022
Diaro - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock

Diaro - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock Apk info

Diaro is a multi-platform diary app, designed to record your activities, daily events, appointments, experiences, thoughts, secrets and ideas throughout the day and sync data across all your devices. It helps you organize your daily diary / journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way.

Powerful search is available to help you find diary entries by any keyword in the title or text and filter results by date, folder, tags or location. Preserve your special memories, store personal moments & memories or keep track of your life with help of Diaro.
Diaro can easily be used as a classic diary, travel journal, mood tracker, simple note editor, business planner, daily expense tracker or even as diet journal. It can be used as a great universal diary.


– Lock & Protect your private diary entries with a PIN, Security code or fingerprint
– Organize diary / journal entries using folders and tags
– Multilingual UI(30+ languages), adapted for phones, tablets and web
– Attach & store unlimited amount of photos in your diary
– Personalize UI with different UI colors & Themes
– Protect Privacy with data encryption & passcode
– Powerful search and filter functions
– Cloud storage & Sync (Dropbox)
– Share diary entries and photos via Email, SMS, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.
– Quickly create a new diary entry from the notification bar icon or widget
– Automatic Geotagging for new diary entries
– Multi-window mode (if supported by device)
– Location and maps
– Backup diary entries for easy recovery & restore easily
– Calendar view for easy navigation & overview of daily entries
– Swipe between your diary entries
– Diary Mood tracker & Weather
– Lock with fingerprint or passcode

Diaro PRO Features:
– Sync your diary across all your devices and Diaro Online using your Dropbox account
– Export to PDF and print them via Diaro Online
– Ad-Free Premium Experience
– Priority Customer Support

Diaro Online
You can access your Diaro diary entries online on any device using web browser:

Diaro Online features:
– Export your entries to PDF , DOCX, or as TXT file
– Import data from other popular diary apps : Journey, Evernote, Catch Notes, Flava, Google Keep, Momento, Day One apps
– Multilingual

Learn More
– Facebook: facebook.com/diaroapp
– Twitter: twitter.com/diaroapp
– F.A.Q.: diaroapp.com/faq
– Blog: diaroapp.com/blog
– Web: diaroapp.com

About Diaro

Diaro is the smart, intuitive and most secure way to keep a personal diary.
Trusted by millions of users worldwide, download now for free and keep your secret diary, diet diary logs, travel diary with stories, photos and maps or daily life diary notes securely.

Need Help?
Find the FAQs in the Help & Support or contact us at [email protected]

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We have been working hard to bring you exciting new features and updates
- Updates for android 11
- Print individual entries / Export to PDF via App
- Add new vector icons
- Translation & layout improvements
- Diaro insights & statistics
- View your memories from the past (On this day / throwback)
- You can now apply tags to multiple entries (Multi select-Tags)
- Remove weather info option (Click on weather info in entry to remove it)
- 13 new fonts (Settings-Preference-Font)

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