Clone Armies Mod APK v9022.12.7 (Money/Anti ban)

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Update: 27/07/2022
Clone Armies: Battle Game

Clone Armies: Battle Game APK Review

Clone Armies Mod APK Game is an action game where your mission consists of cloning an army of soldiers in order to defeat your enemies. To win, you’ll have to deploy your entire arsenal of soldiers and weapons in order to surprise your rivals before they attack you.

Game Features :

  • Original gameplay mechanics of cloning, combining strategy and action in unprecedented way.
  • Duel in multiplayer matches and climb the leaderboard to claim prizes.
  • Chest lootbox capsules to unlock rewards, collect powerful new clones and equipment and upgrade existing ones.
    Easy and simple controls.
  • Various units (sniper, tank, jetpack, helicopter, cyborg…) and military equipment with different stats and abilities.
  • Scenario campaign with multiple missions incerasing in difficulty, from casual ones to the most challenging.
    Challenging bossfights.
  • Multiple game modes + special Sandbox mode to create unlimited clones in a never-ending map.
    Customizable base to defend.
  • Regular updates.

The graphics in Clone Armies display each setting in 2D. At the top of the screen, you can deploy your soldiers so they start fighting against the rivals. Here, the multiplayer mode is important since it lets you face players from all over the world. Plus, with the resources you earn, you can improve the conditions of your base as you add new elements.

Once you’re in the midst of each battle, you can see how many soldiers you have available in the upper left corner of the screen. Just below that, you can see the timer that will tell you how much time is left until the level is over. This time limit means that you need to be as precise as possible with your attacks and defense mechanisms if you want to successfully lead your army to victory.

Clone Armies Mod APK gives you tons of different warriors with abilities that will let you attack the rival team from different areas. By unlocking new units and weaponry, you’ll be able to hit the enemy base and minimize the attacks from enemy soldiers.

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Easter update!

MOD info

Unlimited Money
Unlimited DNA
Anti ban

142.2K total
5 84.5K
4 19.5K
3 12.3K
2 7.9K
1 17.9K

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