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Update: 26/11/2022
CallApp: Caller ID & Recording

CallApp: Caller ID & Recording APK Review

You can download CallApp: Caller ID, Call Block & Call Recorder Mod APK for free to record phone calls. It also allows you to identify the caller by means of his ID.

Scream 2 was premiered about 20 years ago. Remember the beginning of the movie when they call the main character? She’s just got hold of a really flashy call detection system so she doesn’t have to go through all the havoc of the first part of the saga. A technological advance that looked like a great invention back then but that nowadays is entirely outdated. Now, all our phones come along with a call identifier without having to plug them into a device of the size of a tank to tell us who’s on the other side of the phone. But sometimes we need more information in this sense. What can we do? Well, resort to the mobile application market. If you’ve got an Android, just uninstall the app you usually use and get hold of the APK file of CallApp: Caller ID, Call Block & Call Recorder Premium.

Find out who’s calling you by means of the most advanced application with call identifier, spam blocking, and recording functions.

What is CallApp?

If you’re looking for a call manager with an extra function, this tool is definitely for you. This application incorporates three essential functions:

  • Find out the identity of the number that’s calling you.
  • Record the calls of your choice.
  • Block incoming spam calls that are always trying to sell you something or wake you up from your nap.

Record and block calls, place commercial numbers on the blacklist with just one tap.

We’ve also got the chance to add all our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social network contacts to have them all together and always at hand. You can add and remove the contacts of your choice from the list of blocked numbers whenever you want. And you can also receive the notifications of the app on your smartwatch and change the themes to give it a different touch of color. And all the latter, completely free of charge.

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* Backup with CallApp - Save all your files in just a click!
* Personalized covers - Create your very own in-app covers!
* Who Viewed My Profile - See who’s checking you out!
* Personalized calling analytics! - A detailed breakdown of all your calling patterns!
* Improved call recordings - Use our recording test to ensure the highest quality
* Create and share your very own video ringtones!

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