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Update: 15/09/2022
bimmer-tool (BTool)

bimmer-tool (BTool) APK Review

Try free Btool Lite first. It lets you check if the app is compatible with your BMW and your OBD adapter.

Important: This application requires a reliable OBD adapter like Carista (see Cheap adapters may not work or functionality may be limited.

Application allows to read / erase fault codes and view live data in BMW 1/3/5 E/F series and similar models.
It provides all the functionalities as Lite version and additionally allows to:
– read DPF regeneration status and detailed information
– request DPF regeneration
– reset DPF adaptation values (required after filter replacement)
– read exhaust fumes pressure
– read injectors adjustments
– read actual and expected values for air mass, intake manifold pressure, fuel pressure
– log data to CSV file for further analysis
– register battery replacement (without changing battery properties)
– reset lamps circuits blocked due to short-circuit error
– reset oil service or change interval (for cars below mid 2007 K+D-Can cable required)

Supported OBD adapters
– K+D-Can USB: This is recommended and most reliable adapter. You will also need USB-OTG cable.
– ELM327 Bluetooth: Bluetooth connection may be slower than USB. Only genuine ELM327 or PIC18-based adapters will work. It may not work with older engines. More info below.
– ELM327 WiFi: Like ELM Bluetooth connection may be less stable. On some devices mobile data transmission needs to be disabled to use WiFi adapter.

Recommended Bluetooth adapters:
– Carista: see

Application works also with BMW E60, E83*, E81, E87, F10, F30, F25 and with M47N/M57N (DDE5) engines in E46/E39 models.
Older engines like M47 DDE3, M57 DDE4 or M54 MS43 also works but only with K+DCan cable.

If you have questions or need any help send me an email. You can find my address on the bottom of the page.

*Quick start
1) Connect adapter to OBD II socket
2) Turn ignition on
3) Connect adapter to your phone:
* USB: Connect adapter to the phone using USB-OTG cable. Phone will ask which app to start – choose Btool.
* Bluetooth: Go to phone Bluetooth setting. Search for Bluetooth devices and pair the adapter with the phone (PIN is usually 0000 or 1234).
* Wifi: Turn mobile data transmission off. Turn WiFi on and search for available WiFi networks. Connect the phone to the adapter’s WiFi.
4) Start the app, go to ‘Car’ and choose model and year.
5) Go to ‘Connection’ and choose connection type, adapter type and communication protocol.
6) Tap ‘Connect’ button.

– Rain sensor reset requires K+DCan cable for cars up to 2007. It will not work with ELM adapter.
– X3 E83 with M47/57 and ELM adapter supports engine only. For other modules use K+DCan cable.
– X5 E83 may not work with Bluetooth adapter. USB K+DCan cable may be required.

*Common problems
– Engine ‘No response’ error in cars up to 2007 and BT/Wifi adapter. If this error occurs from time to time, try selecting ATWM option under advanced connection settings.
– No connection: If adapter & protocol settings are correct and app still cannot connect to the car try force stop all diagnostic applications in application manager (including btool) and try to connect again.

Why this app requires permissions?
– Storage: required for USB adapters support
– Photos / Media / Files: allows to create CSV files
– Pair with Bluetooth devices/access Bluetooth settings: required for Bluetooth adapters support
– Full network access: required for WiFi adapters support
– Approximate location: Theoretically it is possible to find approximate location using Bluetooth, however this app does not read/use location.

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Injectors screen improvements
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